Crowdfunding your event

If your event budget doesn't seem to quite be enough to pull off the type of event you visualize in your mind, there is a relatively new source of funds for event planning. Crowdfunding uses the internet to appeal to like-minded individuals who each provide small amounts of money to help get projects funded.

These individuals use websites like to search for projects that interest them, and help them contribute to the bigger picture. For event planning, this can lead to some exciting options for funding, especially when dealing with events related to the arts or that benefit non-profit organizations. Crowdfunding in general and Kickstarter in particular are changing the way a lot of projects are getting funded.

Since their start just 4 years ago Kickstarter has had over 4 million people pledge over $618 million that has funded an amazing 41,000 creative projects. Anyone can get a project funded via Kickstarter as long as their guidelines are followed..

At the Wynwood District's Soho Studios, we have 65,000 square feet of space that can be used for concerts, an art gallery, and fundraisers. Our space can be used in variety of ways to showcase talent that may otherwise be missed by the mainstream media. If you are an event planner seeking a venue in Miami or Southern Florida, contact us as Soho Studios. We have a history of putting on events that range from the intimate to those that are global in nature. We can even help you in the development of your creative event, and help provide you with the information you may need to get Kickstarter funding.

Our team of experienced, creative people can be a tremendous asset when planning an event that involves the arts. Tap into that creativity. When searching for event space Miami, remember the importance the venue makes in the success of your event. Consider the versatile, creative atmosphere of Soho Studios.