How to start a Flash Mob

Flash mobs are one of the most exciting things you can experience while out and about in public. The excitement is not only intended for the ones participating in the flash mob, but also for the ones who are clueless of what is going on around them. There are many details that go into planning one, so here is a list from to follow before planning your next flash mob.


There are some ideal places to hold your flash mob:

- a mall

- a park

- a restaurant

- an outdoor cafe

If you hold it during lunchtime or after work hours at one of the venues in Miami, you'll be sure to get more people involved, and more people to be there to experience it. There are many events in Florida that will cause more people than usual to gather at a specific time, such as Art Basel Wynwood. There are many party venues Miami that would be great locations. Be sure to check with security or property managers beforehand to make sure they will allow it, and for any potential safety hazards.


The more people who participate in it, the better. Use social media, email, text, and call everyone you know. Get people of all ages involved--it's fun to see the unexpected person get up and dance. Make sure that you clearly relay all of the details to everyone involved.


Choose an appropriate place to practice, such as an available event space Miami, or an available photography studio Miami. After you've chosen a secret location, and communicated it to everyone involved, you should practice as much as possible. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the dance before you go out and perform it. Some people have more dance experience than others, so take that into consideration. Always remember to be patient--this is fun, and not a serious event.

Flash mobs are spontaneous and fun for everyone, but never expect everything to be perfect. If you follow these simple instructions, it should be blazing the internet faster than you can say, "What's happening?"