Interactive Holograms and Marketing

What is Experiential Marketing? Simply put, it gets the consumer off the sidelines and puts him or her into the game by offering interactive experiences. When throwing events in Florida or holding venues in Miami, experiential marketing is a necessity. If you don't use it to attract and engage your customers, your competition will. Make sure the brand or event you are marketing leaves a lasting impression with consumers.

How Does Experiential Marketing Benefit You?

GE's GEnx Large-Scale Interactive Hologram Experience is an example of experiential marketing. This is a fun, interactive system that makes sure your customers remember you in the days and months after the event.

Everybody has seen a 3D hologram on but they are yet to be common to the general public. How would your customers and guests feel to stand in the middle of an interactive hologram of a jet engine while it is assembled? The parts float above the participants' heads so they are able to pluck them from the air to assemble the jet engine with holographic parts.

Your competitors may have gimmicks, tokens and memorabilia but you will be able to send your customers and guests away with an experience they will never forget. With one interactive experience, you can brand your name in their minds and hearts forever.

Stiff Competition

Miami is the home of Miami Fashion Week and Art Basel Wynwood. Along with these world-famous events, the filming of television shows and movies are held in Miami on a regular basis. It is also the place for events held by such well-known names as Evian, Ford and Absolut. An interactive hologram is the perfect branding tool to help you stand out for photography studio Miami, party venues Miami and event space Miami social events.

If you want to stand out, you can't use just any marketing strategy. You need GE's GEnx Large-Scale Interactive Hologram Experience.