Macy’s at the Guns and Hoses Pig Bowl Festival

The eighth annual Guns and Hoses Wine, Brew and Food Festival offers craft beers, exquisite winery reveals and restaurant-perfected dishes. Taking place August 2, the festival will encompass everything farm and food, creating a fine atmosphere for consumers and retail decision makers alike.

About the Guns and Hoses Wine, Brew and Food Festival

Delicious food and beer isn’t all the festival is about. It sells out annually due to its community impact and facilitation of Macy’s décor and furniture arrangements. Macy’s, itself, sponsors, assists and promotes the festival, placing emphasis on the hoses of the Guns and Hoses Wine, Brew and Food Festival. The Sacramento Fire and Law departments directly support the event—furthering its existence as a community-centric feature.

The event, itself, began in 1974 by the Greater Sacramento Area Firefighters and the greater Sacramento Law Enforcement Officers. Keeping the location’s Pig Bowl alive, both entities created the community event to serve local schools, charities and non-profit organizations. Primarily, civil service employers intended to increase participants’ community dedication, relying on the Pig Bowl’s other events for familiarity.

Macy’s and Community Events

Macy’s isn’t unfamiliar with event marketing, either. While the Guns and Hoses Wine, Brew and Food Festival focuses on homebound tradition, yard-based products and a classic, American outdoor feel, its other annual marketing events have reached larger scale.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the Macy’s Flower Show and the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show are among such big events, generating consumer loyalty through its dedication to family celebration and American ideologies. Macy’s has proven, time and time again, its dedication to consumers and its retail chains alike.

Customer and Business Resources

The Macy’s Entertainment Group—the brand’s public event arm, serves as a bridge between public events and brand image. As Macy’s expands, so, too do its needs grow. Macy’s has expressed a knack for showing expertise when creating experiences, too. The Macy’s name, generally, invokes immediate remembrance of The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In many ways, small community events are contingent upon the brand’s exterior community success.

National resources are vital to the brand’s community impact, as customers and business partners, alike, are drawn to its ability to facilitate retail-based entertainment. The brand strives to generate a fun shopping experience, placing high value upon the lifestyle surrounding its products. Macy’s creates special experiences for customers by hosting memorable events—events reliant on its featured products.

So, where the Guns and Hoses Wine, Brew and Food Festival is considered, brand recall fuels immediate recognition. Such a marketing event is fully powered by the Macy’s name alone, granting it “wiggle room” to impact the community at smaller levels. The Guns and Hoses Wine, Brew and Food Festival connects consumers directly with Macy’s on a non-national scale, impacting target consumer groups in their own realm.

Again, the event’s employee and civil service operator appearances benefit both schools and charities, furthering Macy’s as a positive community entity. Sometimes, downsizing isn’t bad. Sometimes, it’s just what a brand needs to impact its primary buyers.