Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tomato Art Fest


East Nashville will play host to the Annual Tomato Art Fest this August 7 and 8. The event’s information booths, situated in the festival’s foreground, will provide information pertaining to the event. Pabst Blue Ribbon will both sponsor and assist with the festivities, enriching its Art and Invention Gallery while tying its brand image closer to artistic scenes.

About the Tomato Art Fest

The Tomato Art Fest, founded by Bret and Meg MacFadyen, has consistently brought together community artists, local vendors and art supply brand names under one banner. Created in 2004, the celebration has consistently impacted late summer crowds with seasonal gratitude and urban displays. The Tomato Art Fest has proved itself popular enough to become hosted by several distinct brands—Pabst Blue Ribbon, chiefly. Hip, signature styles, artistic displays and cultural events all occur within the East Nashville neighborhood location, reaching a wide audience with a home-style attitude.

Community and Proceeds

The Tomato Art Fest is, primarily, a community builder. Drawing larger crowds each year, the Fest reached an astounding 35,000 attendants last year. A percentage of all proceeds are directed into Friends of Shelley Park & Bottoms, and the event is facilitated through Green Village Recycling and JD Events and Festivals. Nashville’s community is involved with both entities, providing for instant recognition throughout the event.

Community events often incorporate suburban lifestyle into the brands sponsoring them, and Pabst Blue Ribbon’s dedication to art submissions, contests and galleries has found its home with the festival. The Tomato Art Fest has achieved “Best Festival” in 2007 through 2014 by Oxford American standards, and its consistent “Friday fun” continues to accommodate for other First Friday events local artists create and support.

East Nashville’s Five Points has been called “Nashville’s version of New York’s East Village” by Travel Magazine, too. The location is a suburban cultural hub, filled with costume-friendly locations, fun-filled days and soothing nights.

Pabst Blue Ribbon’s “Marketing Without Marketing”

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a highly unique company due to its marketing tactics. Experiencing continual growth since 2003 and featured in The New York Times for its quick-growing percentages, the brewing company has repeatedly garnered attention from the artistic community it’s found favor with. Continuously, Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a top-ranked beer among small towns, becoming one of America’s favorite domestic beers alongside Bud Light, Budweiser and Coors Light.

Additionally, the company’s dedication to low prices has made it highly accessible across outdoor, low-cost art festivals. The brewery has been advertised for less than 20 years, making its market impact unique when sales figures are considered. The “Pabst Blue Ribbon” trend stays afloat without much marketing sans events similar to The Tomato Art Fest. Art festival appearances, while practical event marketing options, normally do little with big-name brands when adjacent marketing programs aren’t used. Highly unique, Pabst Blue Ribbon reveals the cornerstone of “image marketing”, where the brand sells itself to large communities.

As for the future, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s success will likely be attributed to similar events—generating more momentum through continuous, slow, suburban-friendly marketing efforts.