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Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tomato Art Fest

Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tomato Art Fest

The Tomato Art Fest, founded by Bret and Meg MacFadyen, has consistently brought together community artists, local vendors and art supply brand names under one banner. Created in 2004, the celebration has consistently impacted late summer crowds with seasonal gratitude and urban displays.

Build Your Own Tough Mudder Team Sweepstakes

Monster Energy Drink has expanded its promotional efforts to the Tough Mudder world—and its January 1 to December 31 sweepstakes combines remote marketing and live-action events with great teamwork and flair. With over 15 obstacles, 10 miles of madness, adventure and new product reveals, Monster Energy provides its consumers with an unparalleled, high-energy trip.

The Sweepstakes

The Monster Energy Drink Build Your Own Tough Mudder Team Sweepstakes has already begun, and it runs until late 2015. Available through brand purchasing, the sweepstakes awards the winner with a six-person trip in a selected 2016 Tough Mudder event. Consumers are instantly entered into the sweepstakes by accessing Monster Energy Drink’s website promotional banner or by scanning its in-store, specially marked displays.

Of course, smartphone access is required for QR code access, pairing Monster Energy Drink with mobile industry app giants. The sweepstakes page, once accessed, proposes instructions necessary to complete the process. Page visitors then submit their entries, procuring any requested information. One entry per person is awarded, and participants may enter once per sweepstakes period—regardless of entry method. Eligibility is evenly distributed, ensuring fair play amongst all consumers.

The Event, Prizes and More

The event weekend offers grand access via its Trip Prize Package. Winners receive a round-trip, economy class airfare ticket package for themselves and five others, departing from nearest airport. Upon arrival, sweepstakes winners are then provided with ground transportation before events begin.

The 2016 Tough Mudder, itself, is a team-oriented obstacle course designed to test mental grit and physical strength. Incredibly popular among several age groups, Tough Mudder is renowned for its world-class obstacles, exhilarating experiences and memorable events. Monster Energy Drink, a previous sponsor, gains quite a bit by procuring participants through its program.

Sweepstakes grand prize winners are also awarded $1,000 in spending money, three nights of hotel accommodations and six Muscle Monster gear packages. Another 100 other winners each obtain one Monster Energy wind breaker, worth approximately $100.

Monster Energy Drink’s Brand Proposal and the Tough Mudder Pledge

Monster Energy Drink’s experimental Build Your Own Tough Mudder Team Sweepstakes combines camaraderie with the brand’s intense identity. Tough Mudder, itself, is well-known for its hardcore dedication to “overcoming all fears” and completing hardships. A worthy arena for Monster Energy Drink’s appearance, it additionally propels monster’s top-ranking marketing efforts.

Monster Energy Drink’s company sales are expected to expand by 53 percent approaching 2017, beating other U.S beverage companies valued over $50 million. The multi-million dollar company has claimed the energy drink world, utilizing effective marketing strategies to further increase their budget, advertising promotional ventures alongside excellent competition opportunities. Monster Energy Drink further fuels its brand with fitness and respective athleticism—making Tough Mudder a fine resource for brand promotion.

Free promotional giveaways are a Monster Energy cornerstone. Like Red Bull, the brand exceeds in realms related to physiological functions and presentation. Few Monster-sponsored events lack company representatives, and few high-energy events like Tough Mudder lack social atmospheres and outdoor environments capable of enhancing great brand contact. Where Tough Mudder is considered, Monster Energy Drink will likely hit a home run, remaining its industry’s powerhouse brand.

Miami Beach Polo World Cup

November is right around the corner, and the Miami Beach Polo World Cup will be in full swing. Taking things to the next level, the host sponsor and other entities present parties and preview events for an enhanced experience for the crowd and VIPs. This event simulates a polo field, complete with attendants dressed like jockeys and more. Food, drinks and other amenities can all be named after a horse, jockey or sponsor participating in the event. This is an open party experience for patrons who want a closer look into the life of a jockey.

With a no-holds-barred landscape, vendors and retailers will join the party and display their wares to get patrons ready for a fun time in the sun. A multi-day party, this event travels from the beach to the venue for two remarkable days. Appearances from jockeys, a fashion show and musical entertainers will cater to the elite and local patrons.

Special booths and party VIP sections will be hosted by the Miami Beach Convention Center and Authority, Act Productions and Polo Life which are invitation only. Standard tickets for these events start at $40, with VIP events starting at $75. Tickets are available through the Miami Beach Convention Center and Authority, but will go on sale publicly July 1.

The Miami Beach Polo World Cup brings the “sport of kings” to the shores of South Beach for three days every year during November. First held in 2005, the event features an international lineup of competition, with polo teams coming from as far away as Argentina, Brazil and Germany to compete for the La Martina Trophy.

All Miami Beach Polo World Cup polo matches are held directly on the beach— making the South Florida polo tournament “the world's largest and most prestigious Polo Tournament on the Beach.” The beachside competition is between 20th and 22nd Streets, near The Setai, a South Beach luxury hotel located in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach. More than 10,000 people attend the event over four days each year.

These are not events you want to miss! For the ultimate polo experience, get your tickets for these exclusive parties and activities today!