Miami Brain Fair


On March 12th, children of all ages attended an engaging event that showed them how the human brain works. Children in attendance had the opportunity to dissect a real brain, experience mesmerizing visual illusions and so much more. The event was an interactive and hands-on celebration of the human brain that ought to leave a lasting impression on your child. This event may be the first step in a child's scientific journey, making the event a great way to imbue your child with a love of science.

Here is a full rundown on the scheduled activities and programs at the annual Miami Brain Fair:

  • Live Interaction With a Real Brain
  • Engaging Brain Puzzles That Spark the Imagination
  • Face Painting and Lively Puppet Shows
  • An In-Depth Look at How Neurons Work
  • Building a Neuron
  • Brain Bee and Brain Jeopardy Trivia Activities
  • And More

No matter what your child's interests might be, there is something to spark their unique sense of creativity, imagination and love of learning at the Miami Brain Fair. Best of all, your child might even walk away with a free helmet thanks to the event's bike helmet giveaway.

While children of all ages are the primary focus of the event, it is a great outing for the entire family as well. Parents enjoy the fair for reasons that are both entertaining and practical. In addition to receiving a valuable refresher course on the wondrous capabilities of the brain, parents can also expect to learn the following:

  • The Best Learning Apps for Children
  • Detecting the Early Signs of Autism
  • The Best Brain Foods for Kids
  • And More

Most importantly, parents enjoy seeing their child's eyes light up in awe-filled wonder as they marvel at the uniqueness of the human brain.

This year, the Miami Brain Fair was located at the Bank United Center Fieldhouse. Admission was free for everyone, making the decision to attend a true no-brainer. Parents who wish to make a full day of the event can also volunteer to serve at the fair as well. Visit the Miami Brain Fair website to learn more about this unique event.