How Nike Likes to Celebrate Anniversaries

Are anniversaries promotional? We’d like to think so. Nike’s shoe-inspired pop-ups have come a long way. Now, they’re extending into dynamic promotional territory with the brand’s “Sneakeasy” in promotion of its Nike Air Max. Air Max Day is a thing, and it’s been celebrated every year for the past four years. Highlighting the company’s past and present designs, Air Max Day is a much-celebrated event guaranteed to turn heads.

From East Coast to West Coast

In promotion of the Air Max’s 30 years of success, Nike’s Sneakeasy pop-up stand took an always-accessible approach. It traveled from New York City to Chicago, stopping in Toronto and Los Angeles on the way. Select locations featured the VaporMax model—which is one of the company’s newest, coveted, model.

Yeah, the event was based on R.S.V.P. interactions. That said, Nike’s interactive experiences don’t come cheap. Marketing real estate in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Chicago is top-tier, and the brand excelled in highlighting its strategy while throwing a rad party.

All About the Art

The Sneakeasy, while inherently a promotional stand, offered interactive art experiences. Hosting live music performances, curated exhibits and local influencers, the Sneakeasy was a one-stop culture shop for locals and travelers alike. The interactive Air Max display was, of course, the centerpiece. Alongside the Nike Air Max 1 Flyknit, the Nike Air VaporMax made quite an impact.

Nike pulled it off by showcasing its many innovations, remixes and re-releases. According to Matthew Kneller, Nike North America’s communications director, it was the brand’s first-ever stab at a speakeasy-inspired pop-up. Understandably, speakeasies and sports don’t always mix. By commodifying quality products, however, Nike succeeded in giving consumers full product access while retaining the classiness and intimacy of a true-blue speakeasy display.

An Unorthodox Event Space

The Sneakeasy’s event spaces are worth mentioning. At every destination, Nike planted its feet in urban locations to engage consumers. The Toronto Sneakeasy, for example, was established in an unoccupied Chinatown warehouse. While unorthodox, the location still garnered attention. Guests who procured golden tickets from Nike’s much-advertised Air Max Bus were given VIP access. At every location, interiors were inspired by the much-loved Air Mx 90 style. There were upside-down shoe portraits. There were benches. Yes, there were Nike-themed history displays. Nike relied on intelligent modern artists to pull off the look—and it worked.

The first Air Max shoe rolled out in 1987. This brand cornerstone was highlighted by Bryan Espiritu—an artist who created a “Tear down this wall” display in homage to President Ronald Reagan’s Berlin Wall speech. Nike is a brand of culture. Like all cultural displays, its anniversary paired class with a modern edge. It was memorable, serving as modern proof that anniversaries still have great marketing potential. 

Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco

A runner’s life has never been more exciting as entrants gear up to participate in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco October 18, 2015. Part of a nationwide runner’s event, Miami is one of the locations where Nike will feature their challenges, triumphs and successes. This event will feature Nike and their community support for runners. A party held for runners from Miami participating in the event, and local running organizations, the venue will be decorated like a huge track with Nike paraphernalia all over. Big screen televisions will cover one wall, as the San Francisco half-marathon will be televised for everyone to watch. Drinks will be available in mini water bottles, food will be served buffet style and the entire atmosphere will be inspiring to runners from all walks of life.

With over 20,000 women participating in San Francisco, and hundreds of runners here in Miami, this event is an excellent showcase opportunity for Nike to conduct runners’ workshops. Attendees will be able to try out the newest technology for runners and participate in simulations. Attendees also get information on the latest women’s training shoes, clothes and apps all designed to help runners’ track their routes and learn how to run smarter.

Runners who will be heading out to San Francisco to take part in the marathon will receive a special gift pack from Nike and their sponsors, while local runners will have an opportunity to hear about other upcoming marathons taking place all over the world. Attendees and participants will also become a part of the Nike training club, with an opportunity to participate in a full-day training challenge featuring the world’s best fitness experiences led by Nike Master Trainers.

Popular musical artists will perform, with celebrity chefs creating and demonstrating healthy lean meals, making this a celebration of fun and fitness. Tickets for this event will start at $40, with tickets for runners participating in the San Francisco marathon priced at $20. This event marks the 12th annual half marathon for the San Francisco area.

The Nike Women’s Race Series occurs every year and is the largest women’s race series in the world with distances ranging from 5K to 15K. The locations for 2015 are Nagoya, Hong Kong, Lima, Mexico City, Guangzhou, Taipeu, Manila, Quito, Seoul, Amsterdam, Medellin, Istanbul, Milan, Moscow, Stockholm, Berlin, Toronto, London, Paris and San Francisco.