Second Saturdays

Miami Art Walk and Ikea Brand Promotion

On July 11, Second Saturday’s famous appearance in Miami Art Walk ensures a collection of wide-ranging brands, awesome events and professional industry recommendations. Miami Art Walk is expansive, and both newcomers and return visitors are welcome. This year, Ikea features a panel surrounded by gourmet food, artistic creations, new restaurants and contemporary inclusions—furthering its industry presence as a classy, stylistic provider.

Second Saturdays and Promotional Events

NW 2nd Ave is the location, and top-industry art galleries, contemporary locations and the famous Wynwood Walls are the reason. Pan American Art Projects, Praxis Fine Arts and Frederic Snitzer make an appearance, as do musical guests, gourmet food trucks and event-recommended restaurants. Located off of I-95, Second Saturdays draws consumers to Miami Art Walk with ease of accessibility.

Wynwood Art Walk, itself, is a directory dedicated to showcasing art institutions and Miami’s finest sculptures, paintings, photography, installations, ceramics and multimedia. It’s high focus on advertising assists aspiring brands, ranging from art supply sellers to framing companies. Banners are an exclusive platform for most, and live events fuel the event’s organic economy.

Ikea’s Presence

Ikea’s brand promotion is unique in its approach. Dedicated to local market outreach, Ikea generates numerous jobs for those aspiring in marketing and communications. Its high outreach into retail counties inspires its brick-and-mortar locations’ consumer attendance. Ikea utilizes numerous channels, both inside and outside, to explain the brand’s full offer. Starting points begin at consumer needs and are enriched by artistic merit and durable design. Publications, websites, PR and brochures harness Ikea’s potent brand imagery, and Wynwood Art Walk’s attribution to tour-based marketing is incredibly effective in such a realm.

The Wynwood Art District will host Ikea designs and sponsorship, and advertised tours empowered through Ikea’s products further the brand’s industry visibility. Banner advertisement, blogs, community pages and social media appearances, too, increase Ikea’s potency.

Combined Marketing and Brand Identity

Ikea’s brand identity is one of stylistic merits and class. Art Walk’s many galleries feature the brand’s furniture, furthering Ikea’s presence beyond sponsorship. Private Wynwood gallery tours, the Second Saturday Guided Gallery Tour and even the Wynwood Graffiti Tour exhibit the brand’s iconic edges, composure and design.

The Miami Art District, itself, has become a contemporary location for brand display and advertisement. Well-known for its conservative appeal when compared to its southern counterpart, the Wynwood Gallery District has appealed to hundreds of aspiring artists and local business owners. The Miami Art Walk provides a slew of Saturday events for locals, creating a forum for those not readily accessible to marketing spheres. Second Saturdays is a powerful extension event—capable of increasing volume of consistent, local events while remaining true to the area’s natural advertisement capabilities.

The area has consistently appeared in top-ten lists featuring Instagram locations, museums, art walks and scenic roads. Regardless of industry, visibility is vital, and the location’s fine-tuned artistic merits have become a suitable resource for brands like Ikea. News, art, fashion, school events and more have profited from the Miami Art Walk, and will likely continue as contemporary art expands.