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Art Deco Weekend Introduces Art Party '16

Party Like an Artist. The Art Deco Weekend is approaching its 39th year and celebrates the opening of this event with Art Party '16, a signature showcase of exhibits and featured performers. Decorated as one large gallery set in the 1930's, this party encompasses a snapshot of what's to come. With a large following ready to party and mingle, this huge event will allow multi-faceted experiences take place at once. Different components will cater to every type of festival attendee, centered on the quirky and fun lifestyle vibe of the Art Deco Weekend. Media sponsors and other hosts will set up booths and party rooms for a centralized, yet unique experience. It’s a party within a party, guaranteed to keep you busy the entire weekend!

This event is a stylish flair for the extraordinary. With different "dress-up" days for different party events, patrons will have fun while taking a walk on the artsy side of Miami. Set in Wynwood, the heart of the art district, there's culture and variety for all. Past events include a classic car show, Deco dance-a-thon, fashion show and venue for live music and is open to visitors and local residents. Past exhibiting artists include David Gary Lloyd, JanRafael, Mark Diamond, J.A.S. Photography, Teepop art, Nancy Campos Art, Deming King Harriman, Achilles Secret, GAB Studio Art Group, Ian Fichman, Eugenio Jaramillo, Eleazar Delgado Studio, Guillermo Mazzotti, arteColomè by Jacqueline Colomè, Larry Alan Shane, Josephine Reyes, Star Trauth, Smadar Sasson, Nadine Creates, Gilles Hurtaud, Glenda Ramos, and Robert Korhonen, with jazz and big band musicians providing music and entertainment.

Art Deco weekend starts January 15, 2015. Activities for this event are endless, with private art classes, showcase works, and a look back into the past with a retro-styled party, definitely worth the money. Tickets for the event start at $30, with private party events starting at $50.

The Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) was formed through the efforts of Barbara Baer Capitman and her son John Capitman. The initial impetus was to find a project to honor the United States’ bicentennial; the Capitmans worked with designers Leonard Horowitz and Lillian Barber to identify a concentration of 1930s buildings in South Miami Beach that the group felt could be a historic district of 20th century architecture. The host sponsor for the Art Deco Weekend, they join others in celebrating the success of life in the 20's and 30's.