Community: Adobe's Stunningly Effective MAX 2016 Pavilion


Pavilion-based events are all about bringing attendees into the experience, and Adobe MAX's Community Pavilion did not disappoint. It used a variety of unique and offbeat methods to get people fully immersed and keep their attention throughout the event. There's no doubt that this area was noticed – not just for its many electronics-based exhibits, but for the scattering of pool float-style seats on the floor in one area. Here, patrons got to relax in inflatable geese, flamingoes, and turtles to play with Adobe software on tablets or just take a load off their feet. In the background, a big LEGO-style bench provided more elevated seating in a more solid form.

Elsewhere, the exhibits took on a more traditional look for a software/electronics event, but they didn't skimp on providing activities. A project area with big screens was dedicated to Adobe's Make It software and gave visitors a chance to check it out in person. Other hands-on exhibits included one that let users make custom t-shirts, an examination of the emotions involved in creativity, and an area that included real Airstream trailers indoors along with recharging stations for patrons' devices.

Overall, the Adobe MAX event did two very important things for the company. It let the firm showcase its overall look and feel, which is one of creativity that can be taken in any direction a customer chooses. Next, it allowed users to see all of its offerings in a way that got them to actually try them out. This is very important for companies whose products are better off experienced than merely explained.

Your company doesn't have to be Adobe to put on a great, fully-immersive show. All you need is an exciting theme and some exhibits for people to interact with.

You also need a venue large enough to hold your expected audience. Our venue, Soho Studios in Miami, can provide up to 70,000 feet of space that can be adapted for any event. We can even repaint it to match your specs or transform it for more extensive extravaganzas. Just give us a call. We'll be glad to work with you.