Diors Pop Up Store at Art Basel Miami Beach

Every December in Miami welcomes Art Basel Miami Beach. Global brands take this opportunity to market their brands via experiential marketing events, sponsored art installations and in many cases, and popup shops temporarily established overnight around town.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami

In the past Art Basel Miami Beach welcomed Christian Dior for three weeks, with its own company pop up shop, as well as Pringle of Scotland. These popup stores made a big bang with their event space, Miami presence, bringing out a broad array of stellar metallic handbag designs as well as eye-catching Scottish knitwear. The eclectic mix was not lost on the art crowd attending, with many in the audience visiting both stores while they were in town.

With Soho Studios is located right in the heart of the Wynwood District in Miami. Each year Art Basel Miami Beach is celebrated at Soho Studios by hosting large scale art shows, and various other art based and performance events. This venue in Miami offers one of the biggest locations for a pop up shop in the area. When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, this facility can handle some of the biggest displays and temporary facilities possible given it can provide up to 65,000 sq. ft. of space. When it comes to venues in Miami, the benefits of the facility are hard to beat.

Further, Soho Studios is also available for other times of year as well. With the size and ability to manage multiple events, the Studios can manage weddings, conferences, charity events, school graduation balls, video and photo production, training events and more. The size of the facility also makes it possible to have multiple events occurring simultaneously as well.

So if you are looking to establish a presence at Art Basel Miami Beach Soho Studios is the answer. Whether it be for pop up shop presence or the Art Basel event of the year, Soho Studios will help you to put your brand on the map in Miami, and all over the planet.