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Lolë Sets Out to Create an Impactful Yogi Experience

Getting people into your product sometimes takes making a big show out of it. When done correctly, this gives thousands a chance to join in directly, while others get to feel like they're part of the action thanks to excellent camera work. Still others will find out about it because the "big show" was so big that it made it to television news. One brand that knows all about this is Lolë. It didn't run just one show, but instead, celebrated Yoga Week with 60 massive worldwide yoga sessions that included an average of 3,000 participants each. After that, it put the tour on the road and hit some key international cities. Needless to say, this made a giant splash across the world by engaging people – and media - in all of those places.

These weren't just regular yoga sessions that happened to be sponsored by Lolë. Instead, they were part of the Lolë White Tour, which was set up to be visually distinctive right from the start. At these events, all of the participants were asked to wear white. Officially, this is to symbolize peace. From a marketing perspective, of course, it makes the event unmistakable. A sea of people wearing white stands out both live and on TV. The company also handed out yellow yoga mats, so the color coordination continues all the way to the floor.

Of course, there is a good reason that Lolë chose yoga as the theme for its extravaganzas: One of the company's biggest product lines is yoga clothing. Plenty of white yoga outfits are for sale on their site so that those who get excited by the White Tour can get their own. Hosting giant yoga events also promotes yoga in general and makes people want to join in.

This is just one of the latest examples of what has come to be called experiential marketing. With this form of marketing, people don't just watch ads or see pictures of products. Instead, they join in on big, impactful events set up by the marketing company. Participants can number in the thousands, tens of thousands, or even more. This makes it so that a serious number of people are directly exposed to the brand, product, and the events themselves. From there, word-of-mouth will carry the marketing impact even further.

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All-Star Active’s Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge


On May 7, The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge is unleashed in Boston, promoting All-Star Active while uniting adults and adolescents alike. The fitness event is totally mobile, and social media coverage is featured on every level. The coast-to-coast Kids Ultimate Challenge has gained steam in recent years, and it’s proven itself to be a fascinating experiential marketing effort by a highly innovative provider.

Action and Fun

While All-Star Active is focused on intensive exercise and daily activities, its lighthearted approach to kid-friendly fun is effective. The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge is considered the nation’s largest mobile fitness occurrence. Focused on promoting child activities and health, The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge extends its offers to all kids, at all ages, for a wealth of opportunities.

The event features a time-based obstacle course, live events and fitness “tests” to invoke excitement. Event-goers are expected to complete rounds of jumping jacks, tunnel crawls, jogs, sprints, wall crawls, hurdles and jump roping. While extensive, the eclectic mash-up of fitness activities creates an active environment for every participant. No event-goer is left behind, and all are prompted with healthy doses of information provided by expert health and fitness consultants.

Active Events as Marketing Utilities

As the event’s kids engage healthy lifestyle tidbits, parents engage lifestyle hints and tips. The event’s load of activities are family-friendly, too, encouraging cross-market collaboration. Frequently, brands targeting younger audiences rely upon older generations to determine purchasing options. All-Star Active is no different, and its design creates a fertile environment for the brand’s service promotions.

Event-goers are presented with All-Star Active’s Xtreme gaming to see the brand’s full breadth of opportunities. Families are further encouraged to engage healthier lifestyle options—maneuvering them closer to All-Star’s best offers. Of course, discounted Xtreme ride tickets are available for Living Social members, and both kids and families are presented with a wealth of offers contingent upon the All-Star Active social media presence.

Active events have a solid place in the marketing world, and they’re only becoming more relevant. As social media expands its utility, brands become further engaged. All-Star Active is currently a placeholder for industry respect, and its extension to active participation—when matched with a viable social media outreach campaign, is a potent maneuver. As kids and adults, alike, turn out to The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge, All-Star Active’s services achieve great promotion within the health and lifestyle industry.