Richard Branson Adds New Venture to Virgin Group Family

Richard Branson never rests. Instead, he's always starting new ventures while continuing to run his successful Virgin Group businesses. The latest venture combines old standards like musical performances with massive participatory activities. These activities include standbys like running and cycling while adding newer ones such as mass yoga, boot camps, live art exhibits, and other modern favorites. The new company overseeing these ventures is known as Virgin Sport.

Fitness is trendy, but few have been able to actually make it fun. This is what Virgin Sport hopes to change with its massed events. It combines mass participation with easily-reachable goals to get people to come out and be part of the spectacle. Short runs, such as its upcoming 5.5 kilometer race at Hackney in East London, ensure that plenty of people can partake without feeling overwhelmed. Similarly-reachable goals are common at many of its other events, including some scheduled to take place in the United States, though there are some advanced activities as well.

One of the things that make the new company's events different from the typical mass sporting situations is the entire "festival" aspect. The fitness aspect is just one part of this. Musical performances, other entertainment, mass dance classes and parties, mass yoga classes, a free fitness boot camp, free photos of the race, a bagful of swag, and more all happen on a festival day. This makes it so even couch and desk potatoes can attend and have plenty of excitement and fun.

Unlike many festival presenters, the point of all of this isn't simply marketing. Virgin Sport intends to make money from the festivals themselves. This gives the company extra incentive to ensure that there are plenty of attractions to keep people entertained all day long.

To keep the festivals from getting repetitive, Virgin Group moves them to different cities instead of having them as ongoing events in just one place. This provides new audiences for the company and keeps things fresh for attendees. On top of that, it brings a compelling aspect to each festival: the "now or never" feeling that gets people to go ahead and attend.

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Propel Co:Labs Joining the Healthy Pop Up Movement


Propel has launched a pop-up studio program that is quickly becoming one of the hottest exercise trends today. Being in celebration of their flavored water (with more electrolytes), Propel is touring their Propel Co:Labs in New York so more workout enthusiasts can understand what the brand is all about. So with a Propel Co:Lab setting up another brand experience, we're going to give you a sneak peek in regards to what the event is about and what could be expected at a Propel event. With this being said, here's a look at what Propel Co:Labs has to offer. About Propel Co:Labs

The previous Propel Co:Labs opening was such a wild success in Los Angeles that Propel has decided to launch an event in New York. The initial Los Angeles Propel launch went as follows:

  • Taking place in a private home located in Venice Beach, the Propel's four day event transformed the home into every fitness fanatics' dream. The Propel Co:Lab was open 12 hours a day and allowed customers to sign up for free fitness classes (the classes themselves were one hour long) that were held by fitness personalities and Propel partners. Classes included Modelfit, Yoga for Bad People, Speedplay, Cobra Fitness Club, The Class, and Y7 Studio. One of the many fitness personalities on board included Gunnar Peterson, who is well known as a trainer for the stars.
  • When the customers arrived, Bandier (a fitness apparel brand) offered outfits that included accessories and other products for their first level purchase. In addition to this, a 3D photo booth was provided so that the customers could place themselves into their desired Propel advertisement and share them with friends/family.For their "Science of Propel" space, Propel set up messaging that explained the scientific explanation of the ingredients and how the electrolytes effect your body.On the rooftop, a DJ was spinning records and a bar served smoothies that were made with Propel.The fitness classes themselves were held in the modern studio spaces of the LA home.
  • On the opening day, the event held an influencer night that featured fitness media, local fitness bloggers, and a surprise performance by none other than Nick Jonas. Driving the buzz for the event was a Q&A with Gunner Peterson and an organized lunch. In addition to this, Electric Flight Crew dropped by (a savvy fitness club on social media) and shared their experience at the event.

In consideration of the information above, it's safe to say that the sky is the limit if Propel happens to come to your town.

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All-Star Active’s Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge


On May 7, The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge is unleashed in Boston, promoting All-Star Active while uniting adults and adolescents alike. The fitness event is totally mobile, and social media coverage is featured on every level. The coast-to-coast Kids Ultimate Challenge has gained steam in recent years, and it’s proven itself to be a fascinating experiential marketing effort by a highly innovative provider.

Action and Fun

While All-Star Active is focused on intensive exercise and daily activities, its lighthearted approach to kid-friendly fun is effective. The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge is considered the nation’s largest mobile fitness occurrence. Focused on promoting child activities and health, The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge extends its offers to all kids, at all ages, for a wealth of opportunities.

The event features a time-based obstacle course, live events and fitness “tests” to invoke excitement. Event-goers are expected to complete rounds of jumping jacks, tunnel crawls, jogs, sprints, wall crawls, hurdles and jump roping. While extensive, the eclectic mash-up of fitness activities creates an active environment for every participant. No event-goer is left behind, and all are prompted with healthy doses of information provided by expert health and fitness consultants.

Active Events as Marketing Utilities

As the event’s kids engage healthy lifestyle tidbits, parents engage lifestyle hints and tips. The event’s load of activities are family-friendly, too, encouraging cross-market collaboration. Frequently, brands targeting younger audiences rely upon older generations to determine purchasing options. All-Star Active is no different, and its design creates a fertile environment for the brand’s service promotions.

Event-goers are presented with All-Star Active’s Xtreme gaming to see the brand’s full breadth of opportunities. Families are further encouraged to engage healthier lifestyle options—maneuvering them closer to All-Star’s best offers. Of course, discounted Xtreme ride tickets are available for Living Social members, and both kids and families are presented with a wealth of offers contingent upon the All-Star Active social media presence.

Active events have a solid place in the marketing world, and they’re only becoming more relevant. As social media expands its utility, brands become further engaged. All-Star Active is currently a placeholder for industry respect, and its extension to active participation—when matched with a viable social media outreach campaign, is a potent maneuver. As kids and adults, alike, turn out to The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge, All-Star Active’s services achieve great promotion within the health and lifestyle industry.

Fitbit Local: An Active Engagement for Wearable Technology Users

Fitbit has gained major traction in recent months, and its emergence in the marketing world is characterized by its industry’s finest offerings. Fitbit Local sweats out the stress of pre-purchase analyzation, granting users the ability to exercise, discuss and share with their community’s fitness ambassadors.

Active Outreach

The Fitbit is innovative. It’s influential, and it’s created quite a buzz lately. As with many electronics, however, Fitbit is hindered by its consumers’ uneasiness. Active lifestyle electronics notoriously lead campaigns weighed by such issues, and Fitbit’s “way around” the consumer’s blocked path to purchase is incredibly inspiring.

Fitbit Local, reaching San Diego on January 16, is one of this year’s most intriguing technology marketing events. As wearable technology becomes increasingly prevalent, brand operators seek new ways to communicate with customers—tracking, talking and partnering with local community members. Fitbit Local lets consumers “get their steps” while exploring one of California’s most scenic areas. Mike Sherbakov, Fitbit Local Ambassador, leads the Torrey Pines State Reserve hike, inspiring community leaders with the Fitbit’s natural extension into professional programs.

The Community’s Word-of-Mouth

Active-wear technology is slowly adhering to the modern marketer’s design. Wearable technology, now, is viewed as a social inclusion to fitness lifestyles. The user’s ability to record, save and even share information, reminiscent of social media’s baby days, might soon become one of the Fitbit’s biggest boons.

Fitbit Local reflects this with its pro-lead workouts, talented trainers, all-level boot-camps and yoga cool-down session. These Fitbit Local additions serve a purpose beyond product engagement: social interaction. While Fitbit gains much-needed functional demonstration, users are placed within highly active environments. Fitbit Local Ambassadors, regardless of location, assist new and old consumers with information while prompting discussion on fitness lifestyle.

The Fitbit Way of Life

Of course, snacks, a raffle, a live DJ and giveaways are present. Sign-in-to-win programs are notorious at experiential marketing events, and Fitbit Local offers the entire package. Free monthly workouts deliver a communal aspect to Fitbit Local, driving information and mood with repetition and consistency. Fitbit Local entrants are among the brand’s biggest supporters, and community outreach within a small area is certainly conducive to the brand’s success.

Fitbit Local is a wearable technology leader, and its Fitbit Local program deserves two eyes of attention. As the training camp undergoes shifts and reaches higher attention, Fitbit, as a company, will certainly provide new, innovative marketing solutions.

Pain Cave 101 by Trek Bicycles

Many bike athletes face considerable difficulty during off-season training. Fortunately, ride alternatives exist. Trek Bicycle Store has created an initiative called Pain Cave 101, and it’s offered extensive options for bike enthusiasts and general athletes alike.

Indoor Outreach

Trek Bicycles has created a unique opportunity with Pain Cave 101, utilizing its brand image, products and services to launch an indoor outreach initiative. Trek Bicycle Store’s experiential marketing event offers year-round fitness programs for novice and expert cyclers alike. Wahoo and CycleOps trainers are on standby, assisting event-goers throughout the Trek Bicycle’s way of life.

Trek Bicycles, dedicated to helping cyclists reach their fitness goals, has focused on creating a customer-centric indoor fitness model. The brand’s partner, The Labs USA, offers a new approach to facility courses and sign-up options. The Labs USA is a new Trek Bicycles associate and partner, and the Pain Cave 101 event is incredibly useful for the partnership’s premier public appearance.

Product Promotion with Ride Enhancement

Pain Cave 101 is a Trek Bicycles resource for new product promotion. Winter is a notoriously bad season for cyclists and is responsible for sales drops. Pain Cave 101 steers the Trek Bicycles fan-base indoors, where action can meet reaction in the form of connectivity and sales offers. Training gear and gadgets are provided, and discount offers, of course, are always available.

The Trek Bicycles Customer Loyalty Program

Pain Cave 101 fares well when partnered with the Trek Bicycles Customer Loyalty Program. The program, marked from Trek Bicycle Store purchases, enhances buyer-to-consumer relationships with five-percent discounts, dedicated staff assistance and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Pain Cave 101 introduces an interesting angle to the Trek Bicycles scheme, as the brand’s 30-day price protection program offers significant flexibility to customers trying out the season’s newest deals and offers.

Trek Bicycles continuously keeps its clientele in “tip-top shape,” imbuing its shops with a stay-in vibe. Now, Pain Cave 101 heightens this virtue, targeting a massive consumer base with sales guarantees, options and complimentary service programs. The Midwest’s seasonal issues don’t extend to a brand with such inert customer loyalty, and they’re unable to hinder a brand harnessing such a powerful marketing strategy.

Community Roots and Future Outreach

Trek Bicycles opened in La Vista, NE in 2002. An advocacy group at first, the brand’s dedication to consumer support and youth cycling programs has supported a variety of fundraisers, community events, competitions, commuter challenges and bicycle share programs. The Pain Cave 101 program proposes the brand’s newest angle—a shop-centric approach to consumer marketing in an incredibly mobile industry.

While cycling experiences low repurchases—because cyclists infrequently purchase materials beyond water bottles and enhancements—experiential marketing is vital to any shop’s success. Trek Bicycles has nailed the industry’s marketing needs, standing as an innovative leader for other cycling providers. Midwest cycling, as a whole, is contingent upon community outreach. Here, Trek Bicycles surpasses expectations while proposing a new brand partnership. Always proposing total satisfaction, Trek Bicycles will likely achieve great success with Pain Cave 101.