Las Vegas

Success Factors Uses Acrobatics to Excite Customers

Success Factors, recently acquired by SAP, has established itself as a formidable HR management innovator across many platforms. The cloud-based software provider and solutions space manager revealed an action-packed acrobatic exhibit in October—and it offered more than technological insight.

Flying High with Scale and Acrobatics

The 2015 HR Technology Conference & Expo reached new levels when Success Factors input its 20-foot-tall vertical high-flyer wall. The exhibit unleashed a slew of acrobatic tricks to rework the meaning behind everything “cloud-based.”

Las Vegas has always been a destination for out-of-the-ordinary experiential projects, and Success Factors spared little when exhibiting its footprint within a wide-reaching spectacle. The footprint’s focal point lived in the Success Factors acrobatic wall—which featured multi-colored acrobats clad top-down in bodysuits. Every 30 minutes, the acrobats came to life with various vignettes portraying the Success Factors story.

Body Language and the Lounge Area

The Success Factors message, “your people are the heartbeat of your organization” kicked off the event. The event’s acrobatics ended it on a different note, however. Their conclusion to wild, high-flying daredevil tactics began by presenting messages of global growth, advancement and innovation. Of course, each message has been used by Success Factors in the past—who routinely steps in as an innovative decision maker.

The footprint’s exhibit featured a lounge area, too, for event participators seeking a cozy view. Aligned with the Success Factors methodologies surrounding consumer comfort at all costs, the lounge area presented the event’s registration desk decked out with scan stations and iPads. An interactive info-tile touch wall was similarly presented to event-goers, revealing brand messaging, product information and Square Space’s previous endeavors.

Future Encouragement Via Fitbit

As if acrobatics weren’t enough, Success Factors capped off the “all things active” proposal with a Fitbit giveaway. Each Fitbit, inscribed with the Success Factors logo, was presented to event winners every hour. Consumers visiting three demo spaces within the event’s total length were entered into the contest.

Much can be said for the Success Factors handling agency, Group Delphi. Group Delphi has repeatedly been involved with award-winning experiential strategies, and its dedication to Success Factors isn’t surprising. A top proprietary program, Group Delphi’s Lead Logic was intimately tied to registration. Tracking booth visitors, Lead Logic let the brand shoot out customized collateral emails. Show follow-up, historically, has been difficult for innovative solution groups, but Success Factors handled the event well alongside Group Delphi’s strategies.

Event Results

Success Factors recorded a net gain of positive comments from the event. Tweets and Facebook posts, similarly, reflected the event’s core values while reporting its success. Social media thought leader input reached an all-time high, resting at 30 percent above 2014’s recorded numbers.

Human resource technology has changed a lot in recent years. Fortunately, providers like Success Factors have boosted innovation visibility by hosting top-notch events. Customers attending the 2015 HR Technology Conference certainly increase brand retention, and Success Factors, itself, will likely be credited as one of the most competitive entities in the industry.

ABC Kids Expo

Experience interactive learning with the ABC Kids Expo, held October 18-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As part of the international showcase, this event in Miami will mirror the actual event. The venue will feature the virtual reality show component being held in Las Vegas, and will be designed exactly like the venue in Las Vegas with three themed sections representing over 65 countries in a variety of exhibits, sales reps and companies geared toward offering connectivity, educational conferences and innovative solutions.

Large advertising displays from sponsorship companies will direct traffic to each section, complete with tutorials on cultures and customs from each of the international country participants. A children’s fashion show will occur both days, displaying new styles and trends in kids wear. Shoe companies will also be on hand to display their selections, with free measuring available.

Attracting a diverse audience of teachers and education professionals, this two-day venue will highlight innovative concepts in learning, offer workshops on teaching fundamentals and integrating technology into the classroom, explore new inventions in kids products, and provide a chance for the media to get an up close and personal look at the items displayed at the venue in Las Vegas.

Huge rotating screens will display new products being featured, with food, drinks and a live fashion show. Sponsors will host special sections to display their products, while there will be VIP areas for an interactive look at some of the more advanced technological products on the market. This show will mirror that of a conference, designed to bring people together who understand the need for technological innovations in learning.

Some of the areas that will be highlighted include baby land, innovative tech toys, learning centers for educational innovation, and new products. Day two of the venue is open to expectant mothers, mothers with small children and the distributors of infant clothing and products. This section will host workshops on infant care and ways to expose children to technology at a young age. Individuals in this area will be able to meet the inventors of baby products and ask questions about their products and services.

A trade-based event, tickets start at $150 per person, and a badge is required. Single day passes are also available at $75. All attendees will receive a lanyard, id badge and tote bag to “shop” among the many vendors and sponsor organizations of this affair.

Microsoft’s CITA Show

Take mobile development to a new level with the Microsoft CTIA Super Mobility Event held in Las Vegas on September 9-11, 2015. This event will mirror the CTIA event in a partnership with Microsoft to decorate the venue like one big computer showroom. Interactive sections will highlight all the new innovations being introduced that will reshape mobile technology and its direction. With large screen televisions, attendees will experience this three-day event in real time, with all speakers being shown on the screens.

Sponsored by the CTIA – The Wireless Association, this event will welcome local mobile device providers and vendors with a host of activities, including get togethers, workshops, and an opportunity to exchange ideas and information. With workshops being simultaneously broadcasted on the big screen televisions in each section, attendees will be able to interactively ask questions and participate in the discussions taking place in Las Vegas.

Day three will culminate in a huge party, complete with food, drinks and artists for fun and relaxation. Major sponsors will host giveaways and contests throughout the three-day event, with samples of their latest innovative devices on display. Manufacturers will also have specialized booths around the venue where attendees can see the newest offerings about the hit the market, and attend workshops on how to improve their customer base.

Lunchtime networking events will take place every day. Major seminars and workshops from 2015 include the MobileCON Thought Leadership Program, CTIA Open Innovation Summit, Mobile Onstage with educational demos and interactive presentations, and dynamic keynote speakers to kick off each day’s events.

Presentation sessions for 2015 include an Industry Overview each day, 4G Innovation Marches On, the CTO Roundtable – US Leadership Advancing from 4G to 5G, New Technologies that will drive the next gen, and Connected Life. All sessions are available to attendees.

Tickets for this event start at $350 dollars, with day passes available for $125. This event is private and only open to industry professionals who want an in-depth look at the new innovations in mobile technology. Proof of affiliation is required upon ticket purchase.

Additional sponsors and partners include Ericsson, Northwestern University, Samsung, Tessco Technology, Asurion, Field Technologies, and Geotab.

CTIA – The Wireless Association is an international nonprofit membership organization representing the wireless communications industry since 1984. This organization also supports numerous industry initiatives to provide parents with tools and information to educate themselves so they may teach their kids how to use wireless technology responsibly.