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Live to Work and Work to Live

The way people live and work is changing lately. More and more people are working out of their home and within walking distance of their work. This trend is caused by many things; because of fuel prices, to reduce stressful commutes, and so that people are able to live healthier lives. Communities in Miami are changing the way they work and live. There is a new type of residence immerging in these communities; they are called live/work spaces.

Live/work spaces offer tenants a place where they are able to obtain a multi use space, one in which they can live and work. If you are looking for a large artist space Miami is a great place to look. It has long been a problem for artists to afford a creative commercial rental space and pay for separate place to live. In art communities such as the Wynwood District you can have both in the same space. Areas of the Wynwood District have developed buildings that allow a combination of commercial and residential units in the same building.

There are many people enjoying the freedom of having a zero commute time. They are saving money and time by living and working in the same space, or immediate area. Within these communities that are built for artist, photographers, poets, jewelry designers, clothing designers, and others who do other types of work such as real estate sales and other career fields. The Wynwood District is now a buzzing place, transformed from a nearly deserted area. This is great for businesses and the growth of the community. There are plans for expansions such as adding coffee shops, more restaurants, and more grocery stores.

This trend in affordable rental space the Wynwood District offers is growing, people are going back to the way people lived many years ago when they used to live in or above their businesses. Everything you may need is being developed for the convenience and comfort of this new class of residents. Artists who choose to live in or near the Wynwood District in Miami are also enjoying the benefits of living near Soho Studios where that can hold events such as fashion shows, art displays, concert space, photography shoots, and among many other events. Living and working near Soho Studios is an excellent opportunity for artists, and many others, it gives them an opportunity to be near the high end clientele of Soho Studios and the surrounding community.

Fashion Bloggers

There used to be one fashion column in the local newspaper that women and men would refer to about the latest trends in clothing, apparel and accessories. But today, the entire world has gone online and fashion bloggers rule the Miami fashion scene. These bloggers take the web to chronicle the latest fashion trends for both men and women, and raise the awareness about the local fashion scene to a global audience.

As many Miami fashion magazines note, the fashion industry in the area is growing exponentially. The brands and style Miami has to offer are unique to the area, and fashion bloggers seek to raise awareness about the amazing fashion culture south Florida has.

One fashion blogger in particular, The Fashion Poet has helped to raise awareness and promote the Miami fashion scene. Soho Studios, which is located in the Wynwood District, is a unique venue that hosts many types of events, is often home to many types of fashion events. Recently The Fashion Poet wrote a great blog about her shopping adventure at the American Apparel warehouse sale at Soho Studios, complete with pictures of all her spectacular fashion finds.

In addition to the growth of the local fashion scene, global fashion icons are beginning to notice Miami as well. For instance, Cartier and Louis Vuitton are scheduled to open locations in the Miami Design District in 2012. This global attention only further validates the impact that fashion bloggers have on the industry. With hundreds of people blogging about the latest clothing design trends in Miami, the rest of the world is starting to take note.

Before you know it, Miami will be competing with New York and Los Angeles as one of the top fashion cities in not only the country, but across the globe. This rise in fashion power is due in no small part because of the fashion bloggers that chronicle the every move, trend and option in local fashion. Whether they are showcasing a great sale, or announcing a new store that is bringing more fashion options to the area, fashion bloggers are on top of the Miami fashion scene.

Soho Studios has hosted many Miami fashion shows and provides a perfect space for your next fashion event in Miami. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Japanese Pop Art Shows

There are plenty of art galleries in Miami, but none fit the description of "cute" quite as well as Kawaii Universe in the Wynwood District does. This studio and shop is modeled after the Japanese pop art form Kawaii, which literally means cute in the Japanese language.

What began as a phenomenon in Japan during the late 1970s and early 1980s quickly made its way overseas to the United States, where many American children found the cute culture in Japan to be appealing. The owner of Kawaii Universe found that most Kawaii art was only found online in the United States, so she wanted to bring that art to life in a brick-and-mortar studio.

Since opening Kawaii Universe, just down the street from Soho Studios in 2011, Kawaii pop art in all its colored and cuteness has become quite popular, and is a focal point during many Art Basel Miami Beach events. As the trend continues to catch on, more and more people are getting involved in Kawaii pop art and are interested in working on their own cute pieces.

The Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most well known Miami events, and it happens each year during the month of December. For those who are interested in displaying their own Kawaii art pieces, Soho Studios is a perfect studio space option for you. This venue is unique and versatile, and is home to many different artistic endeavors. But during this special event, Soho Studios works best as an art studio space and gallery during one of the best art shows Miami has to offer.

Whether you have been into the cute art scene for decades now, or you are just getting started on your first Kawaii work of art, consider displaying your work during Art Basel Miami Beach at Soho Studios. It's the perfect gallery space, and is well complemented by the nearby cute gallery of Kawaii Universe. You'll be in good company with plenty of other Kawaii pop art fanatics who are equally passionate about the colorful, joyful artwork.

We love film production in Miami!

With the advent of the film industry, Florida quickly became a film making destination. In the days of silent movies, Florida's weather and beautiful locations made it comparable to Hollywood for film production and, eventually for use by television studios as well.

Today, Florida remains only behind California and New York as favored sites for movies.

Miami in particular has become a desired location.

Miami has a rich tradition of film festivals that appeal to a diverse audience. There is of course, the Miami International Film Festival, but others include the Miami Jewish Film Festival, The Miami Short Film Festival, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the Doc Miami International Film Festival. Miami also has served as the site of American Black Film Festival, The Israel Film Festival and the Brazilian Film Festival.

Miami’s festivals, artistic atmosphere, and ever increasing impressive facilities continue to make Miami an increasingly desired location. Enter "film production Miami" as keywords in an online search, and you'll discover Miami as a convenient and affordable choice for film and television studios producers.

The groundwork has been laid for film production in Miami, and independent film makers in particular, have found it a fertile and budget friendly alternative to getting projects done on time.

An amazing South Florida asset is Soho Studios.

Located in the trendy Wynwood District of Miami, Soho Studios are a versatile facility has been utilized for concert venues, trade shows, art galleries, and of course Miami’s premier film and television studio.

If you are considering film production in South Florida and are searching for a Miami film studio, you should at least consider Soho Studios.

A talented staff, incredible space, and a South Florida atmosphere that will keep you wanting more are just of few of the reasons to look into Soho Studios.

There are years of film and television history in Miami, Florida and it continues to grow with every successful project completed in convenient, budget friendly locations. Learn more, and consider South Florida and the impressive Soho Studios for your next project.

Trade shows in Miami

Trade shows are one of the most effective marketing methods available today. They provide the opportunity for businesses to introduce new products, sell existing products, connect new customers, and establish new business relationships. Every year there are thousands of trade shows held through the US and the world, with millions of attendees, and in almost every industry imaginable.

When it comes to trade shows Miami is an international hot spot. The combination of tropical splendor and cosmopolitan conference facilities attracts some of the most prestigious associations and corporate meetings, conventions and trade shows from business around the globe. Venues such as The Miami Beach Convention Center, The Westin Diplomat, Soho Studios and many others are host trade shows from a wide range of industries. Check out this list of some trade shows happening in Miami…

TRADE SHOWS IN MIAMI: Fiatech Leadership Inc ET EXPO SNM Annual Meeting International Floriculture Expo Shoe Market Of The Americas Swimshow FIME International Medical Expo Miami Beach Antique Jewelry and Watch Show Distribution Technology and Innovation Summit Spring 2012 HD Boutique America Consumer Electronics and General Merchandise Show Miami International Wine Fair The Great Bridal Expo-Miami Showeast MiaGreen Expo and Conference Tissue World AFP

No matter what industry you are in, a trade show in Miami is a great place to be a part of the marketing mix. You will increase your exposure, meet some great people and spend some time in The Magic City in the Sunshine State.

If you're planning a trade show in Miami, Soho Studios is a perfect location for an event large, small, or even for multiple days. Call today to schedule an appointment and you'll be surprised about all we have to offer your trade show.

Organic food on wheels Miami Food Trucks

Miami is a popular destination for thousands of people every year. Like any major city, Miami has a culture that they can call their own. Even within the city there are divisions of culture that are unique and must be experienced individually. One major hub for art, culture and cuisine in Miami is the Wynwood Arts District, where the Food Truck Round-Up happens during the second Saturday of each month during Art Walk.

The Bocadito's Food Truck has been serving the Miami area for over a year and has made relationships of trust along the way. At Bocadito's you will find only the best organic food and ingredients in each dish. Bocadito's uses the friendliest and greenest methods for producing their foods. This mobile operation has many stops but one that they frequent often is located outside the Wood Tavern. They serve food when the Wood Tavern is not serving. This shows the trust and tenacity of the Bocadito's owner. Some food trucks have been known to setup near open restaurants and compete for business, but Bocadito's is concerned with building lasting relationships. They know that attract customers they must be a trusted truck in the area, because after all the word will spread that they are a good place to eat.

Bocadito's can also be found at the Wynwood Green Art Walk on the last Sunday of every month. They continue at each location to offer the best in food choices. They have been a part of the Wynwood District area since it came about. They have become an icon to many events that go on there. Their food is organically produced and the people who eat there don't have to ask about the food since they already know all about this organic delight of the Food Truck Round-Up.

To find out more check out this great article by NBC Miami reporter John Wood entitled… NiteTalk: Ryan Echaus Brings Bocaditos Back to Wynwood Green

Soho Studios is located minutes from the Food Truck scene in Wynwood. Next time you're checking out the area during Art Walk Miami take a visit to Soho Studios.

The Wynwood District draws in comic book culture

Miami might be best known for sun, sand, bikini clad girls on roller skates and retirees, but comic book culture is making an inroad as well. Geeks and nerds have moved out of the basements and dark corners of the urban landscape and into the world of mainstream pop culture and art. Comic art and comic influenced art has infiltrated the Wynwood district and its galleries and cinemas. What was once a marginalized style has overflowed with talent in recent years and gained ground as a legitimate form of visual and narrative expression.

O’Cinema serves as a sometimes hub for comic book movies and culture and has shown an extensive line-up of documentaries exploring the rise of the geeks and nerds and super hero movies. Among them is Morgan Spurlock's (Super Size Me) look at the San Diego Comic Con. This Mecca for geeks and nerds has turned the underground world of slightly obsessive interest into a festival and commercial proposition. A culture previously viewed as nearly exclusively male now encompasses an entire industry of attractive Cos-Play models making their living dressing up in the often ludicrously skimpy costumes of their ink and paper heroines and loving it. For a deeper look, check out this article. The galleries in the area hosts relevant art, including some from local Marvel artist David Sexton.

That the Wynwood District and Miami in general, should attract such attention from comic book culture is little surprise to those who pay attention. Nestled on Bird Road is A&M Comics, one of the nation's oldest comic book shops. It's the archetypal shop full of boxes, clutter, and a proprietor who knows where everything is with near supernatural accuracy. The owner, Jorge Perez, has gained quite the reputation for being able to find anything that his patrons want.

As nerds, geeks and comic book culture spread into the mainstream and the high class art world the show is sure to be interesting. The Wynwood District is looking like a fine vantage point to take it all in.

Many that visit Soho Studios have commented that the red building in the middle of the industrial area has a comic book pop to it. The fact is that Soho Studios in many respects is an important character in the Wynwood Miami arts and studio scene. Since it's one of the largest under air studio spaces in Miami, Soho certainly gains the attention and it's well deserved.

The bean scene in the Wynwood District

The creation of an excellent cup of coffee requires skill, delicate execution and exquisite knowledge of the journey from bean to cup. Beans must be grown within the precise convergence of climate and horticulture and then roasted to perfection before they become the wake-up beverage of choice for many across the world.

Two of the world’s most prominent regions are famous because exactly that. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, responsible for growing 1/3 of the planet’s coffee beans. In recent years coffee culture was put on the map by the Pacific North West, with cities such as Seattle and Portland, opening numerous coffee houses and roasters serving as a platform for multiple coffee giants (For example Starbucks) to spread coffee culture awareness and participation on a global scale.

At Panther Coffee in the Wynwood District these two delectable coffee worlds collide and complement each other immensely. Owners Joe and Leticia Pollack take their collective coffee experience and bring Pacific North West coffee culture to Miami with a Brazilian twist. Leticia grew up in the Brazilian coffee region of Serra De Mantiquera and worked for an espresso machine company. Joe is from Portland Oregon where he worked for years as a professional roaster. After meeting at a coffee convention in Minneapolis the two moved to Miami and Panther Coffee was born.

On the second Saturday and third Friday of every month you can go to Panther Coffer for a free coffee tasting or ‘’cupping” and experience the true essence of the coffee roasted there. Similar to a wine tasting it, it’s recommended that you spit out the coffee after each taste to prevent the effects of coffee from tainting your perception.

To find out more about Panther Coffee read this great article by Miami Herald reporter Linda Bladholm titled Wynwood’ s Panther brings West Coast coffee culture to Miami

Next time you’re in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther Coffee to take a big gulp of what happens when Brazil Beans meet West Coast Roasting techniques and lands in Miami…

El Mac and Retna, Mural Masters of Miami

Not only is Miami's Wynwood Arts District home to four art museums and over 50 galleries, according to the Wynwood Arts District Association, it's the epicenter of street art for the city. In this former warehouse and factory neighborhood, graffiti art and murals mix on garage doors and stucco walls. Some of the most amazing murals you'll find in Wynwood are created by El Mac and Retna, two street artists who grew out of the graffiti culture.

El Mac and Retna work together to create large, masterful urban art portraits that showcase everyday people. Most of their murals feature one or two people, such as a young boy drawing, a mother and child, or a young woman in a hoodie. Surrounding the figures are vivid colors and intricate pattern work that showcase this mural team's skill. Included in this pattern is an alphabet that Retna developed, which pays homage to Chicano culture, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Maya language. Both artists were inspired to take their graffiti skills and turn them outward, feeling like graffiti art and the tradition of tagging are more egotistical than murals, which celebrate something external to the artist. The two still create graffiti, so you may see El Mac or Retna tags as you explore the Wynwood District. They adapt each mural to the specific location and size of the wall, demonstrating flexibility perhaps learned from urban art culture.

As the Wynwood Arts District exploded, slowly transforming from a forgotten factory landscape to the art area it is today, Miami visionaries decided to curate a vibrant mix of street art murals in Wynwood to build upon the murals and tags already existing. El Mac and Retna were asked to contribute a mural, alongside other street art pioneers including Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Invader, Nunca, and other street art pioneers. Extending from factory walls and doors on 25th and 26th Street to additional locations in the Wynwood District, these murals tie the neighborhood together and showcase the talents of some of the best street artists in the United States and beyond.

Anyone that visits Soho Studios will notice the various art murals and tags across the urban landscape. The events at Soho are attracted to the mix of industrial space, artist vibe, and Miami chic style that makes up the Wynwood area.

South Florida honey makes Wynwood sweet

Honey is a delicious natural sweetener. This delightful gift from one of nature’s queens is surprisingly low in calories and super good for you. Honey can help ease a sore throat, soften dry patches on skin and soothe a sun burn. Studies have shown that eating honey from a local source can help ease the pain of allergy sufferers by building a tolerance to local pollen. Bees are they only insects in the world that that produce a food supply humans can eat. Bees are truly amazing!

Honey is also pretty tasty and local honey is usually the tastiest. One South Florida beekeeper is keeping the Wynwood District Pretty Sweet. Meet Ian Wogan of South Florida Raw Honey. His backyard beehives produce about 200 gallons of honey a week. He started out by giving the honey away and now it’s become a full fledged business. “To see it grow into something that's becoming a business is not surprising, just not expected," Wogan told South Florida News Chanel WPLG. And business is booming! He started out selling to Wolf’s Wine in Coral Gables and the “buzz” spread from there and now he supplies South Florida Raw Honey to Sustain Restaurant in Mid-Town and the Wynwood District’s Panther Coffee.

Check out this great video of WPLG’s news story here…. Buzz over Locally Grown Honey Grows

So the next time you are in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther coffee and take a taste of this sweet nectar of the animal kingdom. You’ll be supporting your health, local business and the amazing honey bee. BZZZZ!