Music Festivals

How to put on a music festival

Early bird and advanced tickets for Ultra Music Festival in Miami sold out in minutes. That’s pretty remarkable, considering the event is 10 months away. Advanced ticket sales have already ended for Coachella in California, even though the show isn’t until April of 2014. In Tennessee, The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival draws hundreds of thousands to a 700 acre farm in the middle of, well…Tennessee.

How do these festivals do it?

The first ingredient is time. Building a successful event is like building a successful business. Be prepared for the long haul. Your first year event might not be a good as your 3rd year event. But if you build it properly, they will come.

The venue and atmosphere is critical. Where the event is held and how the event is perceived will add to your success. Bonnaroo uses their remote location as an asset, a venue that leaves your troubles behind. Miami music festivals like Ultra Music Festival, held during the same week as Winter Music Conference, tend to take advantage of the city’s vibe. It helps that there are such eclectic venues in Miami.

Many music festivals in Florida and elsewhere will have a charitable tie-in. Among the many charities that Coachella supports is The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with serious medical conditions. Offering support to charitable organizations allows for some additional exposure and potential access to a group of event volunteers.

Successful music festivals offer a variety of fan experiences from general admission to VIP upgrades and artist meet-and-greets. They also start selling their tickets close to a year in advance, and limit the amount of tickets each individual can purchase. This creates a year-round buzz about the event. People plan their year around some of these festivals.

Having a strong artist line-up with loyal fan bases is also important. Many festivals load their line-ups with up-and-coming artists that are rapidly gaining fans. They bring this momentum to these festivals.

If you are considering event space in Miami, Soho Studios is a 65,000 square foot, multi-purpose venue. It is located in the Wynwood District, home of Art Basel Wynwood. From music events to fashion shows, Soho Studios is Miami premier facility. See why worldwide brands like Ford Motor, Evian, Absolut, Puma and more have trusted Soho Studios with their name. We invite you to talk with our team and let's explore the possibilities.

Marketing your event online

When marketing your event online it is important to consider a number of factors like demographics, data, location and the theme of the event itself. Luckily in today's technology laden world promotions are easier than ever using an ever expanding group of tools that are web and mobile based.

There is no shortage of choices to make so you should look to capitalize on the most efficient methods for your promotions at the party venues Miami is home to currently. Do not let other companies or promoters get the edge by taking advantage before yours can put them into action for you first.

The Web is full of opportunities for you to spread your message. There are websites, blogging platforms, social media, email campaigns, advertising networks, sponsorships and the list goes on. By combining a mixture of these elements you can fine tune your directives and capture the spectrum of the Internet audience you need to make you events a success.

Generating content that matters to people and drives traffic back to your primary web presence is critical for your entity as it exists online. Great editorial and pictorial content of your event will be shared by your audience and assist in promoting your events. Cultivate this audience by publishing regularly on your website and through your network. Perhaps contribute guest content to other websites or ask if they will assist in cross promoting your functions. You never know what opportunities will emerge when you ask about the needs others have.

Look for cost effective avenues first, if you are already producing flyers or press releases for your events see what new channels will broadcast the information for you. Make trades with other important players in your community to further your goals and those on the scene in general. It is important to market your event online. Follow these event marketing tips and generate hype for events in Miami.

Event Blogging

Blogs are not just reserved for people who want to rant about their favorite sports team or give their two cents on the latest political scandal. A blog can also be a useful tool for promoting your event. It is the perfect way to engage people and make them feel like they are part of the action.

An event blog is because is the perfect way to build relationships with people who are attending your event. Writing blog posts lets you share important information and create a strong buzz for your event. If you are at one of the best party venues Miami has to offer, for example, you want people to be aware of why your event is there and what is going on at your event.

When you start creating content for your event blog, an important guideline to remember is to keep it personal and conversational. Engage your followers with content that will matter to them. One way to promote conversation is to open up a comments section for blog visitors. It can serve as a message board where you can answer questions and respond to feedback from your followers.

Incorporate visual and audio elements into your posts. Include video or podcast interviews with any notable guests in attendance. Post lots of photos of the event to your blog and the activities leading up to it. This will make the event come alive and it will generate interest from blog visitors. People are drawn to big events with lots of hype. Throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the event blog will make it feel like a big deal to them when they check out the latest post.

Internet access is important in event blogging. Make sure your chosen venue is equipped with high speed Internet to handle what you will need to make your blog run smoothly. Your event blog will add another dimension to the event and make it an unforgettable experience.

Sound for all types of events

When putting together audio for your event it is important to consider what sort of experience you will be putting in front of your audience. Event production is a craft that requires fine skill matched with detailed information given ahead of time to achieve to best results. A sound engineer can work magic when backed into a corner but like any other trade, the more prepared they are going in then the better the results will be coming out the other side. If possible, try to give them a Technical Writer with your sound requirements well ahead of your event.

Selecting the correct type of sound system for a live show, electronic act or keynote speaker is vital to good production. Selecting a sound engineer with the right equipment is crucial. Utilize the sound system that is supposed to be used with your particular type of event. For example, choosing the PA for a keynote presenter at a convention will be different than the PA you would need for a performance based act, such as a live band or DJ.

It is important to match your audio needs for all events including functions such as trade shows and conferences.  Although many party venues in Miami come with in-house sound production, not all of the venues in Miami will. In this case you will need to hire a mobile sound production companies. Most sound production companies are equipped to handle everything from live music, DJ’s, corporate events and various other types of events.

Your guests and attendees should be talking about the night for a long time to come, this means that the event production has to be flawless. Hire a professional sound engineer for your event that understands everything from your equipment needs to the acoustics of the venue.

A professional audio experience will have the audience focusing on the event. A negative one will have them talking about the poor production value at your event. Make sure the hype is positive! It can make all the difference to your sonic landscape.

Tips on picking an event promoter

Working with event promoters should be an exciting, energetic experience. Sadly, in the event planning process, all too often an event promoter can over-promise and under-produce. However if you are looking at event space in Miami there are some great promoters.

Here are some tips on picking the good ones.


Look for promoters who are passionate about their work. Event promotion is not an easy job, so those who are successful love it, and that passion should show. Enthusiasm is contagious.


Great promoters have large networks of contacts, friends, and associates who can help get the word out about the event. Find out about their media relationships with local TV, radio and print. A diverse network can also help out in the event of a problem.


You’ll want to talk with bands and venues about an event promoter. You’ll get feedback that can quickly help you find the right person.


Promoting a music festival in Miami is different than promoting an industry trade show. It’s important to find an event promoter with a proven success rate promoting your particular type of event.

People Skills

Look for an event promoter that can work well with everyone involved in your event. People who have and use good people skills build longer lasting, trusting relationships.


Everyone gets busy, but you don’t want an important piece of paperwork overlooked or a meeting missed when planning your event. Organization is a key quality of a good event promoter.

Social Media Skills

Especially in music promotions, finding an event promoter who is skilled in social media is critical. Social media can start a fire about your event and you want a promoter who has the matches.

Everyone wins when an event is promoted successfully, whether it is a fashion show, a launch party or a car show. Be sure you keep these event promotion tips in mind to ensure that your next event is a great success!

Choosing the right day for your event

One of the most difficult aspects of event planning is finding the day that works for everyone. As the event planner, you must coordinate the schedules of multiple people, including speakers, entertainment and caterers, with the available dates of your preferred venue.

Event planning in big cities like Miami can be especially difficult. Event space Miami and party venues in Miami are often booked up months in advance so you will need to reserve your dates as soon as possible. However, you should never pick a date in haste. It is important to do your due diligence to make sure that there aren't other events in the area that could conflict with yours. For example, having your event in the same time frame and in the same area as a marathon or a parade could mean that your guests will have to navigate through blocked-off roads and nightmare traffic to reach your event. So take the time to research what other events might be planned for your local area.

Also, check to see if any competitors or businesses that are in a similar industry are putting on events on the same day or weekend as yours. Two similar events planned for the same time frame could be a financial disaster for everyone involved, especially if you are trying to divvy up the same small pool of likely participants.

Successful event planning often means thinking outside of the box. What if, for instance, you have everyone on board for a certain date, but all the typical party venues in Miami, such as the convention center or hotel conference rooms, are booked up. Don't change the date. Instead, search out interesting venues such as Soho Studios, which is a huge, 70,000-square-foot structure with avant garde industrial detailing that is located in Miami's Wynwood Art District. Not only will you be able to have your event on your desired date, having it in a non-conventional venue will give it a more interesting feel and look.

Date selection is one of the most important duties of an event planner. Choosing the right one can mean a successful event with high attendance, while selecting the wrong one could have disastrous consequences.

Miami Events

Miami is the number one place in America for events and parties of all kind. Depending on the time of year different events will take place. There's the Miami International Boat Show, Miami Book Fair, Art Basel, Miami Fashion Week, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Ultra, Winter Music Conference and many more. These type of Miami events bring in huge crowds and have a huge economic impact. For example one of Miami events named Ultra (one weekend of electronic music) brings South Florida $79 million.

Other notable periods like Art Basel Miami in December have a much wider impact on Miami events. During Art Basel Miami many satellite Art Fairs setup in Miami Beach, Wynwood and Midtown. International brands look to jump on the exposure of Art Basel and align their brand with an Art theme. For example Heineken created the Heineken Mural Map.

Sony Ericsson Open

Where: Crandon Park Tennis Center, 7300 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne When: Mar-Apr Tel & website: 1-888 383 1515/305 379 7978/ Fifth-largest international tennis tournament in terms of players, prize money and attendance.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Where: Wynwood, Midtown and Miami Beach Convention Center When: December 4 - 8 2013 (usually first week of December) Tel & website: 305 674 292/

Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Where: South Beach When: late Feb to early March Tel & website: 305 627 1275/ The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE is a national, star-studded, four-day destination Miami event showcasing the talents of the world's most renowned wine and spirits producers, chefs and culinary personalities

Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail

Where: Miamarina at Bayside, 401 Biscayne Boulevard, Downtown & other locations When: 3rd wk Feb Tel & website: 954 441 3220/ This popular Miami Event showcases the latest in yachts, powerboats, sailboats, engines, electronics and accessories.


Miami International Film Festival

Where: Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 174 E Flagler Street, at SE 1st Avenue, Downtown, & other locations When: early Mar Tel & website: 305 237 3456/ By bringing the best of world cinema to Miami, MIFF presents the city and the film industry with a singular platform that fosters creative and technical talent.

WGC-CA Championship

Where: Doral Golf Resort & Spa, 4400 NW 87th Avenue, at NW 41st Street, North-west Miami When: mid Mar Tel & website: 305 447 4653/

Carnaval Miami/Calle Ocho

Where: throughout Miami-Dade County When: early Mar Tel & website: 305 644 8888/ The Miami Event began as a club that started in 1975 by a small group of high school friends, to grow and become a major service non-profit organization.

Miami International Orchid Show

Where: Coconut Grove Convention Center, 2700 S Bayshore Drive, at SW 27th Avenue, Coconut Grove When: late Feb Tel and Website: 305 255 3656 /

Winter Party Week

Where: on the beach at Ocean Drive, at 14th Street, South Beach When: late Feb Tel & website: 305 571 1924/ Over 10,000 guests from around the world attend this Miami Event. A annual six-day extravaganza featuring the most spectacular venues, the most unforgettable parties and receptions and the best international DJ talent.

Dade Heritage Days

Where: throughout Miami-Dade County When: Mar-Apr Tel & website: 305 258 9572/ Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) was founded in 1972 as a nonprofit membership organization to preserve Dade County’s architectural, cultural and environmental heritage through advocacy, education and restoration. This Miami-Dade County event celebrates with open houses, lectures, and guided walking and canoe tours of sights like the Deering Estate and the Barnacle site.

Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition

Where: Tamiami Park, Coral Way/SW 24th Street & SW 112th Avenue, West Dade When: Mar-Apr Tel & website: 305 223 7060/ A private, not-for-profit organization will continue its dedication to enriching our community by promoting education and South Florida agriculture while showcasing and rewarding youth achievement.


Miami/Bahamas Goombay Festival

Where: throughout Coconut Grove When: 1st weekend June Tel & website: 305 448 9501/ Who needs to go to the Bahamas. This Miami event brings the Bahamas to Miami over a three day event including music and food.

International Mango Festival

Where:Fairchild Tropical Garden 10901 Old Cutler Road, at SW 101st Street, South Miami When: 2nd weekend July Tel & website: 305 667 1651/

Miami Spice Restaurant Month

Where: throughout Miami When: Aug-Sept Website:

During August and September, Miami Spice bring a Miami event that features top restaurants, offering three-course meals (Lunches $19 or $23, Dinners $33 or $39) featuring signature dishes created by world-renowned chefs.


Festival Miami

Where: University of Miami, Gusman Concert Hall, 1314 Miller Drive, at San Amaro Drive, Coral Gables When: 4-6wks from mid Sept Tel & website: 305 284 4940/ This Miami event brings a Premier Live Music Festival—provides world-class musical programming in diverse styles to all of South Florida.

Junior Orange Bowl Festival

Where: throughout Miami-Dade County When: Oct-Jan Tel & website: 305 662 1210/ Known as "The Largest International Youth Sports and Arts Festival," the Junior Orange Bowl Youth Festival blossomed in 1948 when the first Junior Orange Bowl Parade traveled through beautiful downtown Coral Gables and become and important Miami events.

Columbus Day Regatta

Where: Biscayne Bay When: mid Oct Tel & website: 305 858 3320/

Miami Book Fair

Where: Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, 300 NE 2nd Avenue, at NE 3rd Street, Downtown

When: mid Nov

Tel & website: 305 237 3258/ This Miami event features six nights of readings and discussions with noted authors from the United States and around the world.

South Beach Comedy Festival

Where: various venues When: mid-Jan South Beach comedy week is guaranteed to bring laughs and smiles.

Ocean Drive Volleypalooza

Where: Ocean Drive & 8th Street, South Beach When: early Feb Tel & website: 305 532 2544/ This Miami event brings all those fit young people out for a sexy volleyball tournament. For two days watch models from the world's top agencies get down and dirty in the South Beach sand.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Where: throughout Coconut Grove When: 3rd weekend Feb Tel & website: 305 447 0401/

What began in 1963 as an intimate “clothes line” art show featuring a handful of artists and a few thousand onlookers as part of a promotion for the Coconut Grove Playhouse’s production of Irma la Douce has transformed itself into South Florida’s most successful arts festival.

The Future of the Fillmore

South Florida has serious neighborhood loyalties. The loyalty extends to iconic buildings, like The Fillmore, a huge South Beach theater. Possibly facing demolition, the building -- formally called The Jackie Gleason Theater -- has abundant fans. They’ve set up a Save The Fillmore website. They’re selling Save The Fillmore t-shirts. They’re signing petitions against demolition.

The Controversy

Plans are under discussion to renovate the aging Miami Beach Convention Center, located just one block north of The Fillmore. Few argue that the convention center needs a makeover. But a corollary goal, to reshape the broader neighborhood, is attracting controversy.

Some planners would tear down The Fillmore to make way for a new hotel, as part of a revitalized commercial district. Worried Fillmore fans turned out for a recent community meeting to discuss various renovation plans. At the January 2013 meeting, community leaders heard many pleas for preservation and arguments against being too quick to tear down buildings.

Fillmore Facts

Certainly, the 60-year-old building is one of the premiere entertainment venues in Miami. It can seat more than 2,700 people. It generates about $1 million in profits for the city every year.

The Fillmore has attracted icons of pop culture and classical artists alike. It has often been the venue for touring Broadway shows.


Fortunately when it comes to event space Miami has multiple alternatives. The city has several big box theaters, in addition to numerous small clubs. There are also ample venues for the archetypal Miami trade show. Now a staple of South Florida’s economy, regular trade shows include the Miami International Boat Show, the Miami International Wine Fair and Art Basel Wynwood.

Whatever happens to The Fillmore, Soho Studios -- just 5 miles inland -- isn't going anywhere. Its substantial square footage can accommodate all sorts of events, from film shoots and trade shows to weddings and concerts.

The 9 Mile Music Festival

Who's experienced the magic of the 9 Mile Music Festival? This premiere event features several of the world's most talented reggae musicians, all gathering in the heart of Miami to celebrate great music and a great community.

9 Mile Music Festival Lineup

The lineup for the 9 Mile Music Festival includes several of today's hottest hip hop and R&B artists. The line up has features such class acts as Mavado, Patrice Roberts, Captleton, 2 Chainz and Konshens. Perhaps the biggest draw, however, is the presence of the famous Marley brothers. These musical brothers are known for their vast talent and infectious stage presence, and of course being the offspring of the icon of reggae music Mr. Bob Marley.

Commitment To Charity

While good music could be seen as reason alone to attend the 9 Mile Music Festival, there are plenty of other ways in which this is a worthwhile event. For one, unlike other events taking place at party venues in Miami, the 9 Mile Music Festival has made a huge commitment to helping those in need. During its 20 years of existence, the 9 Mile Music Festival has successfully collected over two million canned goods for the less fortunate. These canned goods are distributed among various shelters in both Miami and Jamaica. The 9 Mile Music Festival will continue to gather plenty more cans of food in the future, as attendees are now required to bring in four cans each.

Miami has long been a center for cultural gatherings, including the Art Basel Wynwood and, of course, the 9 Mile Music Festival. A number of attendees find themselves in need of an event space Miami style or a photography studio Miami. These functions are well-suited to the beautiful Soho Studios event space, where people from all over the world gather to celebrate accomplishments or simply kick back and enjoy themselves. If you're on the hunt for a great event space to use before, during or after the 9 Mile Music Festival, you won't find a better fit than Soho Studios.


Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival

For those who enjoy the soulful sound of jazz, the Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival is an excellent chance to get away with friends and family and spend the weekend relaxing. The festival has a reputation of bringing together a star studded line up and enjoyment for all.

The Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival will be held the weekend of March 16 and 17, 2013 in Miami Gardens at Sun Life Stadium, located at 347 Don Shula Drive in Miami Gardens, Florida. The show is being presented by Uptown Magazine and will be hosted by Michael Baisden.

Those who are traveling from out of town may appreciate the effort the show organizers have gone through to put together several travel packages involving hotel stays in the local areas. These packages include various discounts on amenities and the chance to have a luxurious weekend away from home. Previous festivals have been attended by tens of thousands of people from as far away as Canada and the Caribbean as well as all over the United States.

This year the artists scheduled to perform include Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, who has written and produced music for artists such as Pebbles and Paula Abdul and has also worked with Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men. The eight time Grammy nominee, Fantasia, is also going to perform. Ne-Yo, or Shaffer Chimere Smith, is an R&B recording artists who has written many famous and popular songs, such as “Let Me Love You”, which was performed by the singer Mario. He has also written songs for Beyoncé Knowles and Mary J. Blige. Monica, who has received a Grammy Award in addition to multiple nominations, is excited to perform as well. Earth, Wind & Fire, who helped form a new brand of pop that is immersed in African American style, will join the other popular and famous artists listed. Other artists will include Mary Mary, Rachelle Ferrell, Najee, New Edition, and Charlie Wilson, all of whom have carved out a name for themselves in the music business.

The show promises to be an exciting and fun event for all local and tourists who flock to Miami to enjoy it. It is a wonderful way to spend a weekend while losing yourself in the music.